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Investment Strategies

SKK Managed Strategies

Shepherd Kaplan Krochuk offers a number of managed strategies to meet a variety of needs. These include long/short, long-only, and custom strategies built around value, healthcare, microcap, and closed-end opportunities, among others. In addition, Shepherd Kaplan Krochuk is able to tailor strategies and management talent to specific risk and exposure needs using its innovative United Alpha Account (UAA) platform.

SKK Real Estate Ventures

The Shepherd Kaplan Krochuk real estate ventures team is tasked with identifying projects that meet our strict criteria: the right people building the right project in the right place at the right time. It may sound simple, but getting all these stars to align is no easy task.

Participants in SKK RE Ventures strategies benefit from our special relationships with project sponsors, the expertise of our employee and external specialists, our access to the global capital markets, and our ability to monitor all phases of the project investment lifecycle. Each project is carefully identified, analyzed and structured in a manner that aligns interests and avoids typical inefficiencies of co-mingled venture strategies.

SKK Biotech Ventures

The SKK Biotech Ventures team is dedicated to the identification of novel opportunities in the healthcare sector, including pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and digital technologies. SKK’s approach relies on the value inflection point (VIP) investment methodology to identify and select portfolio candidates. VIP investing places a premium on platform-based, proven technology.

Participants in SKK Biotech Ventures strategies benefit from scientific and financial experts, patent attorneys, licensing specialists, and a marketing team that provide a distinguished multi-disciplinary approach to assisting our portfolio companies. Each portfolio company is carefully selected and vetted in a manner that aligns interests and avoids the typical inefficiencies of a venture fund.

All investment involves risk, including risk of loss. Past performance does not guarantee future results and preservation of principal cannot be guaranteed. The foregoing investments are offered to legally eligible investors only. Nothing on this website is (i) an offer or a solicitation of an offer to purchase any security, (ii) a representation that any investment discussed herein was or would be profitable to any investor or would be suitable for your portfolio, or (iii) investment advice.