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The SKK Real Estate team is focused on generating attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors. The team is tasked with identifying projects which generally meet these criteria: the right people building the right project in the right place at the right time.

It may sound simple, but getting all of those stars to align is not an easy task. Patience is, more often than not, well rewarded.

Investors in SKK real estate strategies leverage our firm‘s expertise and extensive relationships with project sponsors for access to exciting projects. Our investors benefit from the insights and ongoing oversight that our team of  professionals and external specialists bring to each project. 

Specifically, SKK makes site visits, monitors construction progress, and engages external parties to perform independent valuations on an annual basis. From diligence through project completion, SKK provides investors with thoroughly evaluated, attractive real estate investment opportunities. 

SKK RE Ventures is not a traditional REIT or blind-pool strategy. Each project is typically individually identified and made available to investors through a separate, dedicated vehicle. This stand-alone approach is designed to ensure that all investors are aligned, and avoids the timing issues that can plague some co-mingled real estate strategies.

Opportunity zone investments create the potential for investors to benefit from deferred or reduce capital gains tax.

The typical Opportunity Zone Fund (OZF) is a blind-pool structure which can present issues with investment suitability and compliance-related complexity. SKK‘s single-asset approach increases transparency and reduces compliance risk.

All investment involves risk, including risk of loss. Past performance does not guarantee future results and preservation of principal cannot be guaranteed. The foregoing strategies are available to legally eligible investors only. Nothing on this website is (i) an offer or a solicitation of an offer to purchase any security, (ii) a representation that any investment discussed herein was or would be profitable to any investor or would be suitable for your portfolio, or (iii) investment advice. The SKK fund structure is intended to segregate income and liabilities, but is subject to customary uncertainty regarding litigation and the extent to which a tribunal would recognize the separateness of different share classes.  Any tax-related strategy involves uncertainty to the extent changes in legislation, or the posture of taxing authorities, may affect their likelihood of success, and associated tax outcomes.