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The SKK Ventures strategy has two of areas of focus: Venture Capital and Opportunistic Private Equity.

Venture Capital
The SKK venture capital team identifies "platform" technology projects with defendable intellectual property. These companies can provide multiple, diversified, revenue sources. SKK Ventures focuses on investments in the healthcare and technology sectors.

Opportunistic Private Equity
Opportunistic Private Equity strategy seeks opportunities for strategic acquisitions of private companies.  

Flexible Allocation Structure
SKK seeks structures for its venture strategies that provide flexibility in the deployment of capital.

All investment involves risk, including risk of loss. Past performance does not guarantee future results and preservation of principal cannot be guaranteed. The foregoing strategies are available to legally eligible investors only. Nothing on this website is (i) an offer or a solicitation of an offer to purchase any security, (ii) a representation that any investment discussed herein was or would be profitable to any investor or would be suitable for your portfolio, or (iii) investment advice. The SKK fund structure is intended to segregate income and liabilities, but is subject to customary uncertainty regarding litigation and the extent to which a tribunal would recognize the separateness of different share classes.