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Senior Vice President, RESEARCH

Richard Blair is Senior Vice President of Research for SKK, with primary responsibility for developing investment strategy and alternative investment research. He conducts research on capital markets, securities analysis, macroeconomics, investment strategies and portfolio construction for institutional, endowment & foundation, and high-net-worth clients. Rich leads qualitative and quantitative due diligence of alternative investment managers and strategies. Rich is a member of the Firm’s Research Committee and assists the Firm’s Investment Committee. Prior to joining SKK, Rich  contributed to asset allocation, portfolio construction, and manager selection for the Amherst College Investment Office. He is a graduate of the University of Delaware, and is a CFA charterholder.



John Bosco is a Senior Research Analyst for SKK. He is primarily responsible for alternative investment research and underwriting of external managers and direct investments for the Firm’s private wealth management clients, institutional clients, and internally managed funds. He also assists in developing the Firm’s macro perspective, monitoring existing manager relationships, and asset allocation modeling. John is a member of the Firm’s Research Committee and assists the Firm’s Wealth Management Investment Committee. Prior to joining SKK, John was responsible for portfolio management, strategy development and implementation, and manager selection for Lake Street Advisors. John earned a BA in Economics from Union College and is a CFA and CAIA charter holder.

Allen Liu

Vice President,investment strategy

Allen is Vice President of Investment Strategy. He is primarily engaged in investment research, manager selection, and monitoring of managers and strategies suitable for the firm’s wealth management institutional and private clients. These investments range from liquid options such as ETFs and mutual funds to less liquid structures such as hedge funds and closed-end funds. Allen assists in cultivating the SKK Investment Committee’s macro agenda as well as in developing select SKK fund vehicles. He also works closely with SKK’s financial advisors to develop custom risk factor analysis and portfolio asset allocation tools in response to evolving client needs. Prior to joining SKK, Allen worked in the Investment and Fiduciary Consulting Group at Arthur J Gallagher & Co., supporting asset allocation and portfolio construction of public pension portfolios. Allen graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in Economics and Global Studies, and is currently a CFA Level III candidate.