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Wealth Management

SKK Wealth Management is focused on providing fiduciary-focused investment management resources and solutions to high net worth families, family offices, foundations, endowments, and institutions. 

With more than $6 billion in assets under management, our boutique model affords us the ability to focus on our clients needs, with an average client-to-consultant ratio of 13. Our approach is simple; we assist our clients in prudently managing their fiduciary responsibilities, providing them with a valuable set of resources to oversee portfolio design, investment research, ongoing investment monitoring, tax management, cost controls, intergenerational wealth transfer, and customized consolidated reporting. 

We seek to exceed our clients expectations and provide an environment focused on transparency, control and long-term commitment to our clients success.

The team’s analysts conduct
quantitative and qualitative
analysis on a broad range of
investments, from ETFs and
mutual funds to alternatives
including private equity and
real estate.
Our proprietary technology
provides the team with
enhanced research
capabilities, allowing for
better analytics and more
time to spend on operational
and qualitative diligence.
The firm’s Research and
Investment Committees are
process driven, guided by
our fiduciary and governance
systems. Client-facing
consultants are guided by
our clients‘ Investment Policy

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